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Saturday, November 21, 2009


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Absolute Beauty….

Endless colorful meadows of fragranced carpeting afar

Treasures you bare exhaust my mind to ponder of the immensity

Bestow o’er Thy intimates; your people such to those deserving

Ah, yes deserving…. all who are worthy… invitations self-made

…..realize then laypeople, lest you apologize….

Set your table, eat of the repast you have prepared

Kneed the pillows; where your head shall find comfort

….mind your contentment and the value of your life…

I say to you….exists a place where Love identifies no boundaries

Finally affection shall be birthed eternal in truth

Thus the absence of temptation, ‘lone the effortless rejection of malevolence


Spirits alive, once soul mates on earth reunited-possess a cultured purity

Perpetual is

Absolute Beauty….




find your peace

©Tanya Muna

Mangilao, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: What beauty awaits beyond this life comes from your faith.


Do your best
In all that you say
In all that you do
To make your life worth living
To make a difference in the lives of others.

Realize that you're important to someone
And your genuine help from the kindness of your heart
To pick up others when the odds are stacked up against them
Gives them hope when they have none.

If you help out others with no expectations in return
Then your life will be enriched with abundant goodness
And perhaps one day someone will be there for you too.

Living life right
Sacrificing even it hurts so much
Taking on meaningful challenges that may stab your heart a bit at times
All the while striving to be on the side with one's angel
Whom absorbs the goodness of your beautiful soul
Enables you to live a life that matters.

Keeping up the faith
Working as brothers and sisters
To make this world a better place
Moves a nation and heals our souls -
Tis the power of unity!

Remember that beauty is not dependent on your looks or wealth
But who you are deep within -
A remarkable and beautiful person filled with so much love to spread
Filled with inspirational momentum
To help others because you truly do care
Because you know it's the right thing to do
To make a difference!

And though you're hurting
Though your life is filled with strife that strikes your gentle soul
Sometimes you have to let things go even if you’re hurting deep inside.
You have to release your hold
And let things be
Because maybe it was never meant to be.

Sometimes you have to realize that you can’t take things for granted
Because when you least expect it
What you thought you had can be suddenly stolen
As if someone pulled the carpet fast from under your feet.

You have to hold your head up high even if you would rather cry.
You see, life can be very cruel
And it won’t get any better
Unless you move on with your life
Cut your losses
Invest in hope and faith
And with each day you’ll get stronger, and stronger, and stronger…

Grasp and gain the strength from deep within and trust in God
To live a life that makes a difference -
Tis the wonderful gift of life!
So join me, if you will and
Let's live a life that matters
Because together…
We can make a difference!
Tamuning, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Together, We Can Make A Difference!!


A vast ocean of blue
Calm inside and renewed
consumes my love for an island's native born
Skin of sparkling sands
Eyes the sun adorned
Brings visions of riches, untold
Set asail on this voyage for our union to behold
Fathoms within us
In swells that rise above
Discovering timeless treasures
of our souls
And the depths of our love.
©Arlene Castro
Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Soulful love tenderly sails into timeless treasures.

Måttochihu - Limits

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Abak yu’ gi I pakyo-mu

Chaochaochao lao suette yu’

Chubasko ya taifitme, Pat osino bei tekuni (hao)

Magof mafoyung-hu, hinalla ya sesso naofrågu (nene)

Måtmos yu’ ya mangge hao? Pinacha’ yu’ lao nao’ao (nene)

Hågu...I chi-hu

Hågu...I chi-hu

Taifinakpo’ I tasi, enkubukao-hu taiguini, (ombre)

Sesso un na’kilili, guaha na biahi nai un goggue (yu’)

Na’dafflok yu’ mangguaiya, na’klåru humitå-ta, (sångan)

Kao guahu I amti-mu? Pat Guahu I chetnot-mu? (Fehman)



©Michael Lujan Bevacqua



I’m lost in your storm

Being tossed around, but still I’m lucky

Nothing is certain in the swirling waters and wind, if it was I would bow my head to you

Happy to be thrown down, pulled and then shipwrecked on the shore

Drowning but where are you? Touched by you, yet I can’t see you

You are...my limit

You are...my limit

The sea has no end, my confusion is like that

Sometimes you let me drift away, sometimes you save me

Let me love as much as I want, tell me what have we got

Am I your cure or am I your disease?

You are...my limit

You are...my limit

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Love isn't always what we see in movies, read in poems, or hear in songs. Sometimes it can be uncertain, unraveling, unnerving. But when it is like that, like being lost in a storm with no end, sometimes it is better than you can possibly imagine.