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Sunday, June 26, 2016

What Matters to Me

My name is Aurianna Morellano
and I am full filipino
But I was born and raised on Guam
I love the food here
I love the beautiful beaches
I love the hot sun
I still love being filipino
No I don’t eat dog
No I am not a FOB

I know my culture likes balut
But I don’t like that
I like the juicy BBQ
And the different types of kelaguen
We have the most beautiful sunsets
and the most beautiful island
(c) amorellano

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  What I love is what matters to me.


It's so dull and lonely
It's like time is moving slowly
Everything I see is gray
OMG! It's so boring today
I don't know what to do anymore
It is not the day I hoped for
But then I hear my mother arrive
Then I feel like I'm becoming alive
I quickly descend from the stairs
To see my mother with a pack of gummy bears
Then suddenly life became so colorful
And I became hopeful
(c) Samantha Pineda

Village:  Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Enjoy the little things in your life.


Papa I miss you
Cause you were the glue
To our family of four
The family I longed for
Without you here 
My head feels unclear
So come back to us
So there won't be a fuss
I hope to see you soon
So there won't be a fuss
I hope to see you soon
So you can make me another animal balloon
Remember I'll love you forever 
And I'll talk to you whenever
(c) Samantha Pineda

Village:  Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Cherish the moments you have with the people you love.


Many think I have a perfect life
Many think I am lucky
Many think I have it all
Yes, I may have a dream house
Yes, I may have friends
And yes, I may have Ken
But the one thing I desperately want
The one thing I really need
The one thing I will never have
Is a soul...A soul that will make me human
A soul that will make me feel REAL.
(c) Samantha Pineda

Village:  Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Don’t let others define you.


The boy in the green jacket
 I want to have a picture with you in my locket 
 You wear a smile that melts my heart 
 If you were an item I would add you to my cart

 Whenever I see you my heart skips a beat
 I wish you’d just sweep me off my feet
 You are the sun, the moon, and the stars
 If you ever leave it will give me scars 

 You make me blush in fifty shades of pink 
 That’s how I know you’re my missing link
 I hope this message reaches you 
 So that you’ll know my love is true.
(c) Samantha Pineda

Village:  Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Don’t be afraid to express your feelings.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Pacific Islands Bilingual Bicultural Association

Loving the Pacific Way on our heavenly islands 
Where we promote bilingual-bicultural activities 
From gorgeous Guam to lovely CNMI
To spectacular Palau and the enduring Marshall Islands
From mysterious Hawaii to flourishing American Samoa 
Magical Pohnpei
Sleepy Kosrae
Glorious Chuuk 
Natural and Colorful Yap.

What is ours
What we have
What we share
And to give more.

Håfa iyo-ta,
Håfa guinahå-ta,
Håfa Ta Påtte, 
Ya u ta n’ai mas.

A ike el dikesed e klokled
A ike el ngar er ngii er kid
A ike el dolecholt e merous
Me a lmuut el sebeched el odars

Ta eo ej ad
Ta eo ippād
Ta eo jej leto-letak
Im an lelok elaplok.

No mākou pono’ī
E loa’a
E ka’ana
E hā’awi aku

O a'u mea
O mea o lo'o ia te a'u
O mea ou te fa'asoa
Ou te foa'i atu

Dahme atail
Dahme ai
Dahme kitail sapenki
en kihwei me lap

Meac  lasr
Meac oasr lasr
Meac kuht aipeisi kac
Ac sang yohk liki met ah

Meet aach
Meet mei wor reech
Meet si aa-affengen
Sipwe fargunus.

Meka yash
Meka fasiul yash
Meka si getapetap fengan iyang
Me yash mweoliu.

Experience the culture
Experience the language
Experience the splendor
Experience the tradition.

Iokwe, raan annim, kaselehhlia, alii, aloha
Olomwaay, hafa dei, tuwoh, mogethin, talofa

Join us
Share the knowledge
Share the richness
From the pillars of our people
And the cultural wisdom that abound us as FAMILIA
The Pacific Way
The PIBBA Way.

Village:  Yona, Guam

*Palauan, Marshallese, Hawaiian, Samoan, Pohnpeian, Kosraen, Chuukese, and Yapese translation contributors:  Dr. Sauoleola Tanu, Senator Shelten G. Neth, Alister Tolenoa, Cheta Anien, Rachel Ngiruos, Professor Iwalani Koide, Paulina Yourupi-Sandy, and Jana-Lynn Soulmai.