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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What is love?

What is love?
If I may ask.
Does it fall from above?
Or wear a mask?

A word so simple
Yet a meaning so strong
A wonderful feeling
What else can go wrong?

So it is love
That wears a mask
It does fall from above
Because it’s God that I ask.

(c) Camille Glory

Inspirational Message: Remember that God is the one who gave you the wonderful feeling of love, so it is him that you should love above all things.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Friend

That's okay Sweetie –
Everything is going to be alright. I Lied.

Lately there has been no spirit reflected
in your eyes.

It's time my friend, my love
To say goodbye.

But who am I
To say who lives and Who dies.

The vet injected the poison into her vein.
Her heartbeat stopped, and
Something inside of me died.

©John Ananich
Dededo, Guam

Inspirational Message: A life of happiness makes an imprint in the heart that a moment of sorrow can never fill.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Love is all you need. 

I want nothing more, nothing less.

When I get that feeling I feel so blessed;

From the love of my family and their sweet caress .

It's that unconditional love I get on the daily,

without it I know I'll go crazy.

As they say, love is patient love is kind.

For me, It gives me peace of mind.

© kdf

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE: Love is what makes the world go 'round. It's what makes our lives worth living and much more beautiful. 

Sunday, July 31, 2011


T echnology in teaching is not only a door to a great

E xciting world for the students but also a great

C ompanion to those who are leading and inspiring

H ungry young minds—our

N ext generation. It takes

O nly the willingness to give it a try to be

L ured into myriads of

O utrageously helpful and fun

G igabytes that will change

Y our teaching and learning forever.

©Grace Griffin

Mangilao, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Technology in teaching is not only a door to a great exciting world for students but also a great companion to those who are leading and inspiring the young minds—our next generation.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


At times, I get caught in the middle of a stormy life.

I would not turn back.

I am not that person I used to be;

I can see the new improved me.

I am so happy,

Whether living or dying,

To know that I am me.

But, until that day comes,

I have to keep moving forward.

©McEllen Alfred

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:   The past is the past, whether it was a good time or a bad time.  You just have to cope with the situation and move on. With that being said, change can be for the better or for the worst.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


You were always so beautiful.

You smiled at me whenever I told you a joke.

You let me cry on your shoulder whenever I felt like crying.

You cared for me whenever I needed it.

You always gave me that good night kiss.

You let me use your arm as a pillow so I could sleep.

You were there for the longest time.

You held me together every time I fell apart.

You held our relationship longer than I have.

You got jealous when I had another girl in my life.

You knew I loved her almost as much as you.

You thought I would leave you forever.

You cried the nights I made you mad.

You were still there the night we went separate ways.

You don't hang out with me as much as we used to.

You always tell me you miss me, and I try to tell you too.

You wonder what I do in my life, when I don't know myself.

You always try to help, and sometimes I push away.

You always try, and never fail.

You love me, and still do.

You need to know something.

Mom, I love you, too.

(c) Frederick Michael Balmonte Varias

Maite, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Thank you, Mom, for being there for me. I love you, too!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I take the last step in this journey
As I look beyond me
The obstacles and challenges
Were worth the fight
Every step taken was an important lesson learned.

With a fist held tight
I savor the thought of success
That I will cease to second guess --
I will take the last step in this journey
With my head held high and all the BEST!
(c) Alexa Rojales

Barrigada, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: The obstacles you have overcome is part of what makes you become successful.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


My imagination runs wild,
As I grab a pen and write away.
The emotions linger about,
Pushing me to set it free.
It shall be set free
In the words that I write.
It shall be set free
In the feelings that I express.
It shall be set free,
Just by knowing that it is mine.

My own thoughts,
My own words,
My own feelings --
That in itself is poetry,
Whether it is liked by others or not;
I know this to be true,
That as long as it is dear to my heart,
It's as special as can be,
And no one can deny that it is poetry!

Yona, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Poetry comes naturally from the heart.