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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Backseat Passenger

As we ride in this car called life,
we never know where we will start,
when the ride will end, or where it is headed.

She was seventeen, and I was still the wondering boy at six.
One time, she slammed my hand between the car and the door.
Bruised and angry, I walked into the backseat, awaiting departure.

Our car may not be in the best shape;
some people's cars are more improved because they're rich.
They could be lined with the nicest rims, a steady engine,
and the nicest color a six year old boy could ever ask for.

Then again, some cars are in horrible condition.
It may have no aircon, a missing wheel, and not enough money for a spare tire.
Love it or hate it, it is still your life.

However, our car is pretty decent, enough to get us around.
Average tires, average rims,
and a spectacular love for it.

We sit idly by as we watch God take the drivers seat.
He chooses when to start the car, when the ride will end,
or where He wants us to go.

The ride will always be fun.
Exchanging pennies for stories and thoughts will never grow old.
Tragedies, comedies, memories, and then some.
These are the moments which really make me enjoy these car rides.

We don't when when our time will come.
Maybe one day we will start swerving,
Sure we'll panic, but what else can we do?

There are no air bags, you will have my arms to embrace you.
There's no insurance, you have my words to say, "Everything is going to be alright."

Whenever God decides to finally end this car ride,
you will always have me to be your backseat passenger, big sister.

©Fred Varias
Maite, Guam

Inspirational message: Sometimes, life isn't about why we are here, where we will go, or when will we die. Life is just about enjoying the ride God has blessed us with.